Habits are things that we engage in that build over time. Every person has one or two bad habits that can affect our physical health. Funny enough, we might not be aware of those habits and the effects of bad health habits can be very serious. 

Below are 5 habits that are common, and ways to get rid of them have been discussed too. 


Biting your nails is one of the bad habits that most people indulge in. Biting your nails can cause damage to your skin and your teeth. Also, you can also get a cold or any disease by putting your hands in your mouth. Whatever might be causing you to eat your nails can be replaced by other healthy habits like eating a fruit you love or a bar of chocolate. You can also inform your siblings to keep you accountable when you unconsciously start biting it again.


This is very common among young people. Not getting enough sleep is a bad habit that can affect our physical health. Not sleeping can make you not function well during the day and you’re more likely to come down with diabetes, depression, stroke, and heart diseases. Also, you’re prone to forget a lot of things and it might be hard for you to learn too. At most, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary and very important. Depriving yourself of sleep for whatever reason is risky. You should avoid it as much as you can.


Office folks, freelancers, and some other types of related jobs are where you find people that sit for as long as 6 to 10 hours stretch. That’s not good enough. Most people are stuck on the chairs with their computers for long. Sitting for long slows down your metabolism which automatically makes you gain weight over time. You can also come down with heart diseases. As much as you can, stand up after a few hours of working and take a 10 to 20 minutes walk around.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals for the day. Skipping breakfast stores calories and conserves your energy which can lead to low concentration levels. Research also says that people that skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight and even become obese. To avoid skipping breakfast, try eating after 2 hours of waking up. Eat a well-balanced diet, and you know what? Enjoy it!


Not exercising is one major thing a lot of people find very hard to do. They might get to do it for the first few days and they get bored or exhausted. Exercise keeps you fit, strong, and healthy. You might not see the result immediately you start, but over time, the changes that it has made in your body will become very visible. Exercising can help you deal with health issues like stroke, diabetes, cholesterol levels, heart diseases, weight gain, and muscle loss. To get consistent with exercising, you can find a partner that can join you and you both work it out together.

In conclusion, bad habits that affect our physical health don’t start in a day. It starts from doing it once and doing it over and over again. The good news is, no habit cannot be dealt with. The effects of bad health habits or the consequences attached with it should make you take necessary steps as soon as possible. 

Be very conscious about what you allow to get to you. Your health is important. Make it your priority.

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